PNR Status

This is a word that keeps haunting many – as the people are unaware about the fact that – what exactly does this PNR stands for. And to clear all the confusions, we have put forth the details related to the PNR status that is in turn related to the Indian Railways.

Before we go ahead with the PNR Inquiry, let us know a little about PNR Number.

What is PNR Number?

The Passenger Name Record or as it is popularly known as PNR – is basically used to know the plan or the itinerary of the passenger. Furthermore, this PNR Number does not change throughout the journey. It also helps the Railway Authorities to check on the whereabouts of the passengers.

Where Is The PNR Number?

One can find the PNR Number on the top left corner of the railway (reserved) ticket. Moreover, as per the Indian Railways or the IRCTC rules, it is a 10 – digit number. This number is always printed on the ticket – let it then either be booked at the IRCTC website or the reservation counter.

If the ticket is reserved online then an individual will also receive the PNR Number through an SMS.

Why Is PNR Number Useful?

Passenger Name Record or the PNR is useful as – one can check the following –

  • Train number
  • Train name
  • Date of journey
  • Departure time
  • Arrival time
  • Current status – whether it is confirmed or waiting
  • Seat number
  • Seat berth
  • Age
  • Coach number etc etc

Note: One does not have to take an electronic ticket all the while as the PNR Number is usually accepted but it is advised to all that they carry a printed copy so that are ready to face any untoward incident.

Let us now check the ways to check the PNR Status –

Check the PNR Status

The following steps will guide you to check the PNR Status –

  1. Firstly, the passengers can send an SMS to any of the numbers given below to check the Status of the PNR –
  • IRPNR<10 digit PNR Number> to 57886
  • PNR<10 digit PNR Number> to 5676747
  • PNR<10 digit PNR Number> to 139 or
  • PNR<10 digit PNR Number> to 54959
  1. Secondly, the passengers may also dial 139 to speak to the operator and get to know the PNR Status.

PNR – It’s Importance

An individual can check the status of the ticket – whether the ticket is still in waitlist or RAC or Seat Allotted. In addition to this, if one loses the ticket then the PNR Number comes to your help provided – you have written down the PNR Number.

Therefore, the next time – you have a railway ticket with do not be confused or worried as to what is this PNR!

PNR Status Codes

When one enquires about the PNR Status, one is sure to come across any of the following status codes. So, rather than being puzzled about it, you can read on to understand and gain knowledge on the train reservation status or as we call it – PNR Status

  1. CNF: When you come across this status, understand that your seat has been confirmed and you can travel minus those troubles as CNF stands for ‘Confirmed’.  Furthermore passengers are given seat and the coach number as well. If at all one is unable to get these two then you can get them at the station. However this case does not happen all the while.
  1. CAN/ MOD : It means that the ticket has been cancelled either by the passenger or as the seats are no more available.
  1. CK: When tickets are booked and confirmed in Tatkal then words – CK will be printed on the ticket. As per the rules, Tatkal tickets will be issued 24 hours prior to the departure of the train but one has to pay a little extra amount to get the ticket.
  1. CKWL: If the Taktal ticket is in Waiting List then CKWL is written on it. And when confirmed, the passengers get confirmed coach as well as seat number.
  1. RAC:Reservation Against Cancellation is the full form of RAC which means that they will have to share the berth with another passenger till they get a confirmed seat.
  1. WL: When the seats have not been confirmed then the ticket is shown in the Waiting List category. There are chances that the ticket might be either Confirmed or go in to the RAC slot.
  1. PQWL: PQWL stands for Pooled Quota Wait List – it means that – the ticket is booked under any railway quota and is in waiting list.
  1. GNWL: General Waiting List or GNWL means that the passenger starts the journey either from the origin station or stations close to the originating station. Plus point of having this ticket is that – the ticket has higher chances of being confirmed.
  1. REGRET? WL:  REGRET/WL stands for Bookings Over and Further Bookings Are Not Allowed. One sees this message at the time of booking itself.

Hence, the next time you come across PNR Number, you know what the meaning of those abbreviations is.


IRCTC is abbreviated as the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. IRCTC is the sub-company of the Indian railway that looks after online railway ticket booking facilities.

It also manages the railway catering and tourism. IRCTC is the subsidiary of the Indian railways is responsible for online internet ticket reservations. It defines the various rail tour packages and sells through the IRCTC official website. One you can book regular and Tatkal tickets using this website.



  • New users register from the app directly.
  • Search and book train tickets.
  • One step login to existing users.
  • Upcoming journey alerts.
  • Retains recently added to passenger details.
  • View and cancel the train tickets.
  • New quota as premier tatkal quota is being introduced by the railway with dynamic fare cost.
  • Dynamic fare cost stands for the fare components which may be increased with the subsequent bookings.

Seat availability

Indian railway seat availability can be checked easily online. The database is present for the next 90 days. You can log on to the website with the username and password and they proceed to check the train seat availability.

Click to the guidelines to check railways seat availability

  1. Go to the Indian railway website to know the seat availability.
  2. Enter the details of your originating and destination station name.
  3. Enter your journey date and click on the calendar icon directly to enter the journey date.
  4. Select the preferred choice of class in which you desire to travel. You want to provide to check the seat availability in all classes. Check into the mark box saying my classes are flexible.
  5. Click on search
  6. You will get the different types of all trains running the stations mentioned by you and select the train for you have to wish to check the seat availability.
  7. Then click on the button saying the check status. 

Online booking

Online booking is based on the internet rail ticket booking through this website at the same time from the mobile phones like GPRS or SMS. In addition to this e-tickets and also offers for i- tickets both are basically like regular tickets that they are booked online and delivered by post.

The tickets of PNR status are available for the commuters on the Mumbai suburban railway can also book season tickets through the website. They are newly arrived facilities to book an online reservation for Paytm wallet and Shubh yatra for frequent facilities can available for discounts on all tickets booking.

Online booking

Online booking for Tatkal

Online Tatkal scheme is available for the passengers who plan their journey at the less time to notice and you can book their tickets is almost all express trains through the Indian railway internet portal.

So the Tatkal booking starts daily at 10:00 am for AC coach reservation and for NON-AC at 11:00 am. Passengers can travel on tatkal tickets should carry on photo ID proof along with them to be shown on the ticket checker.

IRCTC Help Line center

You can help to reach IRCTC through their helpline contact numbers. So there is list of customer care numbers including paid and toll-free numbers. These customer care numbers is available for 24/7and the toll-free no. is 1800-111-139.